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Bowens – the most 'flattered' photographic lighting company in the world.

The origins of Bowens go back more than 80 years to 1923. The company was originally founded as a camera repair company which by the 1950s had grown to be one of the largest in Europe. It was at this time that Bowens first started manufacturing lighting equipment for photographers.

Our first flash bulb units were produced in 1947, but by 1950 we had already started to produce the first electronic studio flash systems. Bowens led the way in product design when in 1963 we produced the first electronic studio flash unit in a single unit – the monobloc was born.

Over the next three years the company became dedicated to the design and production of studio flash equipment. Bowens sales and service grew out of the Bowens Camera service company and in 1966 we made our first appearance at Photokina showing our products and taking the first steps towards global distribution.

The Monolite 400 was introduced in 1968 and this product confirmed Bowens place as a world-leader in studio lighting design and manufacture. Since that day products such as Quad, Prolite and Esprit and more recently Gemini and Travelpak have helped to maintain Bowens position as a favourite amongst photographic professionals.

From our global headquarters in south-east England, Bowens continue to design and distribute the most innovative and advanced studio lighting systems available today. Our product selection is comprehensive and offers something for every photographer from amateur enthusiasts to professional commercial studios.

With distribution in more than 70 countries Bowens lighting equipment is used and trusted by professionals around the world and photographers on every continent are using Bowens products in their studios.

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