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Coby was founded by Mr. Young Dong Lee in 1991, with the corporate objective of delivering value, quality, and innovation in consumer electronics products to all consumers at all levels of income. Mr. Young Dong Lee set this objective in the mid 1980's while building a separate, $100+ million wholesale distribution business in New York City. His distribution company sold a wide array of branded CE products. Yet despite the strong growth of his business, Mr. Lee was unhappy that many consumers could not afford the brand name CE products that he sold.

Recognizing a significant opportunity to create a new kind of CE company, Mr. Lee created Coby and steadily built consumer brand equities through an ever-evolving product line and by staying true to the company's core idea and objective of delivering consumer value. This simple business objective still remains true today as Coby aims to evolve into a world class CE brand.

Now, as a key player in the TV industry, Coby's next evolution is to enter the highly competitive CCFL and LED market by offering a full array of screen sizes from 12 to 65 inches. In addition to entering the large screen size market monopolized by established TV industry giants, Coby is venturing to be a strong contender in 2011 by featuring 3D TVs and a revolutionary new 3D TV technology without glasses for the gaming community. To complete the competitive TV lineup, Internet TV powered by Android OS will be available from 23 to 55 inches.

Following the theme of technology-enabled HD TVs, Coby has also decided to enter the growing MID (Mobile Internet Device) category. Coby successfully launched two models in 2010 and has quickly gained the experience and expertise necessary to emerge as a strong player in the rapidly expanding tablet market for 2011. Among many other exciting elements, the Coby KYROS tablets offer the latest Android Operating System, and feature a generous touchscreen with wireless web browsing capability.

In its short history in the consumer electronics industry, Coby has experienced rapid growth and significant changes in its product offerings. Regardless of what the future may hold, one thing is certain - Coby will be continually expanding into new product lines from its core strengths, while always standing firmly by its vision of producing high quality, value CE products for our consumers.

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