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For 30 years our sales programme at Green Clean has included products for cleaning sensitive surfaces. It was in 1989 that we introduced an Air-Dusting product range with alternative, environmentally-friendly gas to the market – a long time before it became legally binding to replace fully-halogenised Freone. Right from the beginning the market was convinced by and accepted our high-quality alternative products. Our newly developed products are a direct result of our initial success.

Dusting Tools – our re-usable valve system for dusting or suction action was a great success not only in Europe but also on the American market. Our concept is to continually improve our products, but at the same time to guarantee environmental protection; alone the fact that the top valve is re-usable saves an enormous amount of one-way plastic triggers.

We have substantially improved the pressure action on our products and accessories such as the Anti-Static Adapter and Dual Extender can, in many areas, save expensive work-time. Our innovative dusting system subsequently became the key to our greatest success: Our Sensor Cleaning System for Digital reflex cameras. We presented this innovative method of sensor cleaning for the first time at the PMA 2005 in Orlando, USA. At present we have representatives for this product in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our product range; AIR DUSTER and DUSTING TOOLS have been very successfully supplemented with a range of products for computer cleaning. GREEN CLEAN for CLEAN SCREEN offers specialised products for computers, service, technical and optical maintenance. This range of products offers an ideal supplement to our camera cleaning range and enables our distributors to increase the worldwide presence of GREEN CLEAN on the market.

Today Green Clean employs a fantastic team of employees and development engineers at our new factory and can therefore make use of the most modern production methods of our suppliers. We are more than ready to face any new challenge, in order to keep up with any new future technological trends.

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